My name is Anj Granieri. I’m a writer. A wonderer. A wanderer. A singer of songs. A teller of stories. An adventurer, and a seeker of truth. Let me set your heart on fire. Let me breathe on the embers of what it is that stirs your soul. And let me remind you of why you are alive: to be fearless, insatiably curious, and to know love.

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“Find where Joy resides, and give it voice far beyond singing. For to miss the Joy, is to miss it all."
R.L. Stevenson

The four points of my soul’s compass are travel, music, writing and health. The North Star, which guides the compass that directs my life- is connection (the wellspring of Joy.) Connection begins with pure honesty within the self. It is then deepened by connection found with others. Only through sharing our authentic human experience, will we ever come to find our common ground, and the ultimate truth, that Joy and suffering are common denominators. We are not so different as we believe ourselves to be. We are all both teachers and students. In this spirit, I share my story. 

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The Color Of Joy

By Anj Granieri / August 22, 2019
I sat in the passenger seat of my friends truck that Monday morning, rounding the final street corner towards the auto-body shop...

In Healing, We Must Be “Actively Passive”

By Anj Granieri / February 7, 2019
I created this blog 6 months ago with a very distinct purpose: to invite the reader to journey with me on my...

The Quest for JoyBug’s Title: Part 1

By Anj Granieri / May 31, 2019
I awoke that morning unsure of where I had been sleeping. I was in a small room on a mattress that laid...

A New Soul: Joybug Is Being Painted!

By Anj Granieri / August 8, 2019
Today has been a long time coming: it is Joybug's make-over day!! She's at an auto-body shop being painted from head to...

Joybug: monarch butterfly. Me: paper-thin moth

By Anj Granieri / August 16, 2019
On a cold winter day in February 2017, I stripped all of my clothes off and climbed naked into my 1975 Argosy....

Covid-19 Taught Me The Purpose of Stillness

By Anj Granieri / May 2, 2020
Yesterday, I was finishing the build on my segmented-aluminum endcaps for Joybug's interior design. (Yes, I'm still plugging away at her restoration.)...

The Quest for JoyBug’s Title: Part 2

By Anj Granieri / June 8, 2019
My heart was a jungle drum beating wildly at the mention of his shotgun. Standing at around 5'7, 94 years old, and...

Musings from my window seat at 30,000 ft

By Anj Granieri / April 8, 2019
There's nothing quite like the feeling of watching the sun set from 30,000 feet above sea level. As I write this, I...

Tin Can

By Anj Granieri / November 9, 2018
The empty boardwalk felt like an alleyway, and I a tin can, kicked by a man down a narrow street. I am...